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The Travelings

An action-adventure game created by Faucet Wall with inspiration from the Zelda franchise. Traveling the desert in search for the oasis your group must clear the way through the perilous caves and desert to reach the oasis.

My main focus in this project was creating systems, like the Entity Component System (ECS) we used to handle all of the objects in the world and the Collision System we used in the game. The ECS helped in handling all the objects we would put into the world and I also wanted to try making an ECS to see its benefits and weaknesses. Throughout the project, I continuously worked with the other programmers to update the ECS to be more user friendly and helped with other integral systems to better utilize the ECS. One big strength of the ECS was its ability to handle many entities, one such example was the game world which was built up entierly on tiles that were all their separate entities, so just our world map alone would be hundred of thousands of entities. The weakness of the ECS was how hard it sometimes was to debug certain issues we had and a single error in how it was used could sometimes be a headache to understand where the root of the problem came from. In the end we solved most of the problems with it, but for the next time I learnt that it's really important to have propper debugging tools along with the ECS.


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